More men these days are beginning to appreciate the better luxuries in life that women have always been accustomed to.

You can attract more men into your day spa business by making some minor changes to your interiors and marketing. Create special packages for men and advertise your business as a male-friendly spa that offers what men want. Here are some tips on how to capture that male market that’s just waiting to be convinced to get some pampering.

Decorate your day spa business with more wood and neutral colors like black, gray, browns and dark shades of green. Avoid using gender-specific design elements like wallpaper with flowers or upholstery with girl colors like pink or peach. Stick to neutral tones and shades that appeal to both men and women. Place a couple of masculine looking leather chairs in your waiting room.

Dedicate a day to your day spa business that will entertain men exclusively. This may make men feel more comfortable to be amongst other men. It can be overwhelming for them to be outnumbered by the opposite sex in a spa. Another idea is to separate the men and ladies section, but dedicate more space to the ladies section which will account for the majority of your client base.

Promote packages for men that will include procedures that appeal to them like gentlemen facials, stone massages, shiatsu massages, foot massage, and hydrotherapy baths. Promote these packages in fliers and brochures that also look masculine. Use fonts and colors that attract men like black with touches of gold. Use bold strong text for your lettering.

Provide black or dark blue towels and robes for men, and reserve the standard white ones for the women. Offer discounts for men on their first visit to encourage them to come over. Offer men discounts or one free procedure if they bring another male friend over. You can also offer a discount or free procedure for women who bring in a male friend instead of a female friend.

You can also get your women clients to help you out by offering a romantic couples package where partners can have massages or spa treatments together in a couples room. The women will more likely be the one to initiate this, so bring up the idea with your female regulars. Use that influence to your advantage. Offer a “sports massage” as one of your services which men can relate to. Get more ideas from the men themselves about what kind of spa treatments they would want to get at a day spa business.